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Ok I have a confession…….whenever I’m on the look out for a new product – for some reason – I always end up in The Body Shop! Maybe it’s habit, maybe it’s loyalty……I don’t really know? But then I find ‘said’ product and really like it, get excited and want to tell everyone.  So here I am with one of those blog posts again…..about some random Body Shop products.  No, I’m not affiliated in any way with the Body Shop, no…..I don’t get sent anything free and no this is not a paid blog post.  It’s just me ending up in The Body Shop again, getting talked into buying shit but then kinda liking it and wondering where it’s been all my life? Now…..what I will say is…..I’ve always respected and looked up to the Body Shop as a brand and for what they stand for (completely ‘cruelty-free’ products) but as many know, their parent company is now L’oreal and not many brands such as The Body Shop can completely hold the stance for cruelty-free products.  I’ve looked online and although there are snippets of rumours of The Body Shop selling some of their products in China (in the Duty Free at the airports) – I can’t see or find any concrete information to say that they have changed their ethos.  China is well known for randomly taking products off the shelves and testing them on animals – so I really hope what I’m reading online is rumours and I hope they are not going against what they have completely built their brand on from day one because if they have………bye bye The Body Shop.  If anyone can shed any more light on this for me, please let me know!!

ANYWAY……..I’m here to talk about two little products that I’ve heard rumblings about in the beauty world and wanted to try them for myself! 

First up……..


The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother

The Body Shop Vitamin C products have been on the scene now for a very long time and I’ve actually read more good reviews rather than bad reviews about this line.  I really like this range, I’m a fan of Vitamin C in beauty products anyway (maybe it’s the fact that I’m not a fan of eating fruit and rely on products with fruit extracts to put on my face instead?!?!) plus I always hope my skin thanks me for putting some much needed Vitamin C and goodness into it?

So what does this product do? As it ‘says on the tin’ its an ‘instantly smoothing and glow boosting finisher for dull, tired, grumpy skin’.  I’ll be honest, it had me at ‘dull, tired, grumpy skin’ from the get-go as thats my now natural look from being a tired mum-of-two. They’ve recently changed the packaging also so it has that more ‘cleaner, with a touch of that medicinal’ look and the pump works well in dispensing the right amount of product.  It claims to contain Amazonian camu camu berry which is known to have one of the highest contents of Vitamin C in nature – BONUS!  The gel-like serum has a very pale orange colour which goes on completely transparent onto the skin, has a fab orangey-citrusy fragrance and feels really nice.  From what I’ve been reading and looking at on YouTube, people are either using it as a serum before their moisturiser or as a make-up primer.  I like it as both but more preferably – as a make-up primer.  It actually reminds me of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer which I’ve also used for years and a kinda cult-buy in the world of makeup primers.  In terms of a serum, I wouldn’t say it will instantly brighten your complexion with the obvious Vitamin C infusion BUT what I will say is, it definitely transforms your skin into a silky, smooth, matte finish.  Therefore, I’m more inclined to say – this works much better as a make-up primer.


I absolutely love the texture and when I apply the product, my skin just feels and looks so much more smoother and in turn, my foundation sits much better and has a nice subtle glow.  So in a nutshell, this is fast becoming one of my fave primers (Benefit’s Porefessional is still up there as my fav though) as not only does it have multi-usage, the fact that I’m actually slathering on some Vitamin C onto my visage which looks good, makes me very happy! Will I re-purchase? Hell….yeah! Even though as I’ve mentioned above, I use it more as a primer, I still love to put it on in the morning before my moisturiser and at night just for an extra boost so in my opinion, it’s money will spent. To have a look at it and buy it online you can do so – here

Next up………


The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those girls that is on the constant and eternal search for the best mascara, foundation etc.  But up there on that list – is eye products.  I started using eye-creams from approximately the age of 16/17 so it just became a habit and part of my morning and nightly routine or ‘CTM’ routine (that’s Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize to you!).  So again, I found myself back in The Body Shop and next thing I knew it, I was at the till with this little Drops of Youth product in my hand.  My regular blog readers will remember the post I did on the ‘Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask” – see here and you will know I’m a big fan of that actual product so I expected big things from this.  So this is a rollerball eye product.  Now, I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of little ‘gizmo’s’ and ‘gadgets’ like this BUT this actual one, may have changed my mind a little.  In the past, I’ve used rollerball products on my face which just used to get annoyingly stuck, drag the skin and just really bad quality. This is quite different.  It has a fab cooling sensation when rolled lightly under the eyes which they recommend in a ‘figure 8’ and erm…..can I just add…….quite difficult to do lol! Just try it, you’ll see what I mean?!?!  It’s also a rollerball and a pump dispenser in one.  So you just press the pump to dispense the product onto the rollerball and then proceed to roll it around your eye area. Easy-peasey.  I also like to pat the product around my eye area with my ring finger (again force-of-habit when it comes to eye products!).


According to the packaging – ‘skin around the eyes looks instantly firmer’.  Whilst I can’t vouch for that, I can say that because of the cooling effect, I feel my eyes look instantly brighter.  That may also be due to the fact it contains a slight shimmer along with ingredients such as ‘plant stem cells and edelweiss from the Italian Alps’.  So for those reasons in particular, I’m really enjoying this eye product as a ‘wake-me-up’ fixer-upper in the mornings and….oh boy… I need a good ‘fixer-upper’ in the mornings ha, ha! Texture-wise, it’s actually quite light so perfect for those of you who prefer a nice light-weight gel and serum around the eyes.  I tend to like a heavier eye cream at night so I’m in-between a couple of different products with regards to that but you know……as always…….forever on the hunt for the perfect eye cream!

Would I buy this product again? Most probably yes as I feel it’s nice to have it as almost a ‘rescue-remedy’ in the mornings for tired eyes or for those times when we just need to soothe our eyes – mums – you’re with me on this one, ya?  You can take a look at it and buy it online here.


As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hope you got something out of it.  Let me know if you’ve tried or are currently trying any of these products and what you think?  Dying to know! Hope you all like my new revamped blog and style.  I felt it needed a change so I consulted some expertise and got it looking a bit more cleaner and sophisticated (I hope!!) and really happy with the results.  It is making me want to blog more – it’s just getting the time to blog thats the problem! You know….life and all that! For the moment, I’m enjoying blogging about beauty but will try and mix it up a bit with more fashion, outfit posts and perhaps some lifestyle stuff – watch this space! For now, take care, see you guys soon and remember………..


Happy Shopping

Irene xoxo

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