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Gingham and Sparkle does YouTube


Hi everyone and Happy New Year – we are still in January so is it weird if I’m still saying that? Yes? No?  Sure anyway……I can’t believe it’s only now that I’m finally getting to do a blog post (first one of 2018) and fill you in on all my news.  Not that there is any exciting news pray tell…….but just wanted to let you know…………I did it! ↓

  I finally started YouTube….after saying it for so long!  I decided 2018 would be the year I would delve into this scary world of video content and finally took the plunge before Christmas.  It hasn’t come without it’s certain challenges though.  Lets just say….there have been countless trips to Apple – to the extent that I’m almost sure a couple of the employees (who are all amazing by the way – I reckon I’m an Apple superfan tbqh) in one of the stores here – hide when they see me coming.  I’ve probably been the bane of their lives since before Christmas asking THE most annoying questions.  I also feel…….because I’ve literally learnt so much since starting this channel (including an iMovie course with Apple – check out all their courses on their app – I’m definitely gonna sign up to a few more coz they’re free, informative and I basically just like hanging out at Apple) I’m ready to apply for a job there ha, ha….#wishfulthinking

Why YouTube and why now?

A question that I’ve asked myself for a while now.  I’m fully aware that I have ‘missed the boat’ in terms of joining YouTube at the beginning or even 5 years ago and now it’s completely over-saturated. Along with this….the social media platform has made it extremely difficult for small accounts to get noticed or even stand a chance……mmmm…..sounds very familiar to few other social media platforms we all know…….’Hi Instagram and Facebook!’.  I’m fully aware that I’ll never probably have the tens and thousands of subscribers you are supposed to have in order to ‘make-it’ I suppose.  But to be quite honest, I don’t really care.  My whole attitude towards blogging, influencers, blogging etc has completely changed in the past six months and especially recently.  I’m more focused than ever now to go down the fashion stylist working route which my friends and family have been telling me to do for years but I’ve always been shit scared or just not motivated enough to do it.  I would love to eventually work full time in that industry – be it freelance, work on photo-shoots or work for a large department store – #giveireneastylinggig.  I’ve become extremely picky here in Dubai as to who I collaborate with and what events are relevant to what I do as I want to stay true to who I am and who I’ll always be.  Look, I’m a small blogger – I don’t even have near 10,000 followers on Instagram so I can’t even do that ‘swipe-up’ thingy but you know what…..I’m so happy with the little community of followers I have and the engagement.


I’ve come to realize also that I friggin’ LOVE editing videos.  I always suspected I’d love the creative side of it – favourite part being picking the music.  But lately I’ve been feeling like Steven Spielberg and becoming obsessed with editing – I actually look forward to doing it – and I won’t lie to ya – I’m gonna be back in at Apple, stalking them and getting more tips from them very soon with iMovie.  I’ve A LOT to learn though and little things like how to properly fade the music is something I still need to properly get the hang of  – but I know I will in time.  I don’t even have a camera ffs.  I’m a complete novice and just using my iPhone – but so far it’s been fine and I’m not gonna invest in a good vlogging camera until I’m certain I want to continue with YouTube.  In addition, I’ve a couple of good friends here in Dubai who are also YouTubers so their help and support has been great.

To fully answer that question above ↑ – I want to use my Youtube platform as a place people can go to for some high street shopping tips and a more interactive way to showcase my own style and content.  If I’m lucky to do more styling workshops, I want to feature them on my channel as well as little snippets of my life here in Dubai with the family and any cool events I attend.  Dubai being Dubai – is pretty class in fairness when it comes to hosting various brands and putting on a show.

Before Christmas I was very lucky to attend a Social Media event and the one thing that stood out and which I took with was – VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO! That’s where it’s going people and thats where the majority of social media users will be drawn to going forward so I thought – best get on that band wagon and see where the ride takes me.

Of course, I still have my WordPress blog here which I love and I’ll also be hopefully doing a bit of style blogging but I have plans to also revamp my website a bit and potentially offer some styling services/rates etc – finally I’ve got the push I need… I just have to execute it.

So that’s the craic……….in saying all of this now – I’ll no doubt be quite inconsistent coz apparently consistency is the key in gaining notoriety and subscribers on YouTube but you know what….I’m ok with that coz sometimes I forget that there is an audience out there tuning in.  I’m just here in my little corner of the blogosphere (now vlogosphere) doing my thang and if people like it…….great….if not….too bad as you can’t please all of the people…..all of the time – its quite the task.

I hope you can all follow me along on my wee YouTube journey and I won’t lie to ya – don’t be expecting any Oscar worthy movies or anything – it’ll take me a while to find my mojo but sure……it’s a bit of a laugh at the end of the day and something for my kids to look back at and laugh their arses off at me and tell me ‘I’m such an embarrassment’ ha, ha!!!!

Until next time here on the blog and a Zara sale haul video on my YouTube channel coming any day now….seeya soon and remember………


Irene xoxo

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