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Guinot Hydra Peeling Treatment


Anyone watching my Instastories lately on Instagram will know that I recently had the awesome opportunity to try out a skin renewal treatment brand new to the UAE and exclusive to Irish and British-owned salon in Dubai – Essentials Beauty Salon. With an excellent legacy in professional skincare and beauty- Paris based Guinot’s latest innovative skin treatment (Hydra Peeling) is an amazing alternative to aesthetic medicine (without the pain or the hefty price tag) with the aim of erasing visible signs of ageing, brightening the skin tone, adding radiance and attenuating brown spots.  As many of you know, I’m always moaning about my skin and I think hitting the ripe young age of 40 really put things into perspective for me in relation to looking after my skin and basically trying not to look as old af!  Unfortunately and for the past year, I seem to be having ‘hormonal’ issues with my skin, in particular around my chin area which I know many women suffer similar but some days I just wonder….is this ‘adult acne’ ever going to leave?  So when I’m luckily asked to review a product or treatment in relation to my skin……I’m all over it quicker than you can say ‘exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate’ as I’m alway trying to…..I suppose……better it?!

So, what is it?

Guinot’s Hydra Peeling treatment is a 45 minute facial with 3 steps to ensure and help with the process of ageing, pigmentation and brightening up the skins complexion. It exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturises and renews the skin leaving it completely re-energised.

The Science Bit……….

It encompasses 3 steps:

  • Hydra PH Peeling: which exfoliates skin deep-down and targets pigmentation with phytic acid (derived from rice grains) in the form of an actifoliating gel which breaks down the cells making it easier to eliminate them.
  • Massage: which stimulates cellular activity for a renewed skin effect and restores the PH Balance in the skin
  • Mask: an anti-oxidant brightening mask is applied which soothes, nourishes and restructures the skins barrier whilst stimulating the synthesis of collagen.


As mentioned above, the lovely people at Essentials Beauty Salon on Al Wasl road here in Dubai asked me to come along and review the treatment as it is brand new to the UAE.  I had the pleasure of trying the recommended three-weekly Hydra Peel treatment package for the best results possible and to experience a course rather than one stand alone facial of 45 minutes.  My therapist Brenda who has been fully trained by Guinot on this innovative treatment was so professional and knowledgeable in her whole approach to the course that I could have listened to her all day on how the whole skin renewal process works and what each stage of the treatment does etc……it was fascinating.  I cannot tell you how much I looked forward to the treatment each week as her massage technique in particular literally put me to sleep and whatever about how amazing my skin felt afterwards…….the fact that I had a ‘power nap’ thrown in for good measure…….was even better!

Did it work?

(Un-filtered, no-make up, raw pics of my skin coming up!!!! ↓)

Week 1

This is a BEFORE and AFTER pic of the treatment.  Apart from my previously mentioned ‘hormonal-spot-area’ around my chin I was definitely left with a glow on my skin after the first Hydra-Peel treatment.

Week 2

BEFORE and AFTER.  By the second week, I did notice a slight brightening of the skin especially around the forehead area.

Week 3

BEFORE and AFTER. By week 3, I even noticed an improvement in ‘that’ chin area which is the bane of my life when it comes to adult acne.

Overall, I can conclude that although I don’t suffer that much from pigmentation, this treatment is a ‘God-send’ for that condition.  After each treatment, even though my skin had that nice glow…….it did feel a tad tight.  Brenda did highlight that it was perfectly normal for the skin to feel a slight ‘dryness and tightness’ effect but not to put anything on the skin that night going to bed.  Since finishing the package, my skin-tone has definitely improved and I feel I have a more ‘even’ and fresh looking complexion.  I particularly notice it when I apply my foundation which seems to look better on my skin now even though I’ve been using the same products (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and Tarte) for so long.

Would I recommend this?

Yes! I think any woman reading this or if you know of anyone who would like help in targeting pigmentation in their skin or a help with the ageing process, this is such a lovely treatment (even a nice gift!) to have.  Brenda in Essential Beauty Salon is amazing at this treatment and knows her stuff inside out plus I can’t emphasise enough how relaxing that massage is.

Also, the salon has the treatment on special offer at the moment.  For a course of three treatments which is highly recommended – the cost is AED999 for the package.  Individually the treatment costs AED400 so the package is good value to see the maximum results.

For more information you can contact:

Essential Beauty Salon

736 Al Wasl Rd


Tel: 04 3955909

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.  Has anyone tried this treatment?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time………remember

Irene xoxo






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