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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Jumper Season…….

quote-blog-post-christmas-jumpers-sweaters-ugly-tacky-shopping-essential-clothing-holiday-season-fair isle-rudolf-santa-snow-red-green


quote-blog-post-christmas-jumpers-sweaters-ugly-tacky-shopping-essential-clothing-holiday-season-fair isle-rudolf-santa-snow-red-green

Its The Holiday Season………

Ok yes….I have gone there….oops……and mentioned/blogged about the ‘C’ word!! But…..#sorrynotsorry……’s technically Christmas once Halloween is over…….right???  Soooooo….I wanted to do a blog about the phenomenon that has funnily enough become  ‘socially and now fashionably’ accepted at Christmas time and something that needs to be discussed…..yep… guessed it….it’s the Christmas jumper! I never thought we would see the day when one of the ‘must-buy’ items for Christmas along with copious amounts of  decorations, food and presents – would be the Christmas jumper.  In fact, people (well me especially) look forward to buying their Christmas jumper/s of choice for the holiday season and retailers have well and truly jumped onto the Christmassy jumper bandwagon.  I have always thought that as such a ‘novelty’ item of clothing – people just pull it out for Christmas eve and Christmas day and then its folded away with the Christmas decorations or your winter clothes in the attic or under the stairs……never to be seen again for another year.  So to my surprise – a couple of years ago whilst spending Christmas at home in Ireland – the ‘tacky’ Christmas jumper was……(shock-horror) worn well before and well after Christmas itself – in fact – I even witnessed people wearing said jumper – around the New Years eve holidays (insert gasp!).  Christmas jumpers are also now the ‘uniform-of-choice’ for many who trawl bars and pubs in the run-up to Christmas in the now ‘must-do’ seasonal activity that is the Twelve Pubs of Christmas…..a tacky Christmas jumper is a must-have item for this important and traditional adventure!  I have to admit……I have always been a fan – from the tacky Rudolf, Santa and Elf jumpers, the Christmas lights, tinsel, snow and holly jumpers to the more demure Fair Isle styles and statement sweaters – I love them all! And I’m even more delighted that they are firmly ‘up-there’ with socially accepted clothing to wear over Christmas – in fact – I could just wear my cosy Christmas jumpers (and I have a fair few) all over the Christmas holidays……like…..why not?

quote-blog-post-christmas-jumpers-sweaters-ugly-tacky-shopping-essential-clothing-holiday-season-fair isle-rudolf-santa-snow-red-green-the griswalds-order-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-blogger


So…..I thought I’d do a round up of some Christmas jumpers I’m loving and maybe wanting to buy (ok not all of them – but some!!!) this season and to give you an idea of whats in the shops and online…………..tis’ the season of good will and all!


First up…….Primark (Penney’s in Ireland).  If there is one retailer that are usually first to stock Christmas decorations, accessories, clothes and jumpers – its Primark and they are always ‘on-point’.  Also – they have matching children and adult Christmas jumpers – I mean – I can’t even handle how cute that is!! So here are a couple that I love and that I want……you see….this is the problem when you start trawling the internet for all things Christmas jumpers – you want them all!

Primark-Penneys-Christmas-jumper-sweater-emojis-monkeys-three-holiday-season-grey-santa-blog-post-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Love the Monkey Emojis £14……so cute – link here

primark-christmas-jumper-sweater-cat-fat-blog-post-gingham and sparkle-cute-funny-penneys-dubai-ireland-shopping

This just makes me laugh – cat lovers will love this – £10 – link here

primark-penneys-sweater-jumper-christmas-santa-snow-shopping-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-reindeer-rudolf-ho ho hoFor me – this is like Christmas has just vomited all over this jumper and I love it – £18!!!! – link here

penneys-primark-christmas-jumper-polar bear-cute-snow-navy-white-red stripe-blog post-shopping-online-blogger-gingham and sparkle-dubai-irelandI love the fact that this is cropped – so a bit different from the others but just look at the cuteness of those polar bears – it kinda reminds me of that Christmas Diet coke ad – €16! – link here


Another shopping haven you can always count on for being first to stock all things novelty and have an awesome selection is none other than ASOS – my ‘go-to’ shopping paradise.  These are some of the fab Christmas jumpers they have this year and I’m trying very hard to move the mouse away from that online shopping basket!

Asos-piste off-christmas-jumper-novelty-fun-shopping-online-blog-post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-blogger-seasonal-online-fashion-ski

I LOVE this – its actually something I would wear all over Christmas and winter – ‘ski chic’ at its best – £30 – buy here

Asos-Christmas-jumper-oh deer-fawn-novelty-seasonal-shopping-online-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-blogger-fashion-style-red-antlers

Love the quirkiness of this Brave Soul jumper – the statement slogan, the colour and the sparkly antlers – on point and on sale reduced from £30 to £18 – buy here

Asos-christmas-jumper-slogan-shopping-online-blog post-gingham and sparkle-fashion-style-dubai-ireland-blogger-novelty-seasonal

Well it says it all really……doesnt it? Stating the obvious much??? Think I may purchase this though as love how witty it is….£28 – buy here

Asos-christmas-jumper-navy-blog post-novelty-seasonal-blogger-dubai-ireland-online-fair isle-gingham and sparkle

Love this traditional style – its like Fair Isle meets Christmas pattern meets cosy nights by the fire – £28 – buy here

asos-christmas-ski-jumper-red-white-novelty-seasonal-wooly-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

This Brave Soul jumper makes me want to head to the slopes and drink hot chocolate by a warm mountainside log cabin – perfect winter, ski and Christmas attire – reduced from £30 to £18 – buy here


Another fab online destination for on-point trends is Missguided.  They have their Christmas jumper selection online at the moment – which veer on the more ‘naughtier than nice’ version of the novelty Christmas attire……here are a couple I’m loving……

Missguided-santas bitch-christmas-jumper-tartan-red-white-blog post-blogger-gingham and sparkle-online-shopping-novelty-seasonal

Ok this is veering on the more cheekier side – but……..I have purchased this as I just think it’s so cool – I love the tartan (kinda obsessed with tartan in particular at Christmas), the colour and I think being one of ‘Santa’s bitches’ is just funny – £15 – buy here

Missguided-christmas-jumper-diy-baubles-candy cane-cute-white-blog post-blogger-dubai-ireland-novelty-shopping-online

This is super-cute……your very own ‘DIY Christmas jumper’.  Its basically a felt tree with a bag full of velcro baubles, candy canes, bows and a sparkly star which you can get all creative with and stick/design yourself – how clever and fun……£23 – buy here

New Look

I always find New Look has really cute novelty gifts depending on the time of the year – be it Christmas, Halloween or Valentines.  And their Christmas jumpers are no exception – these two in particular although quite similar are just so cute, girly and cosy……I need them…..especially this one below…….

New Look-Christmas jumper-sparkle-all the way-cute-cosy-knit-stars-cream-gold-novelty-seasonal-shopping-online-gingham and sparkle-love it-blog post-blogger-dubai-ireland

Ok so with the blog name Gingham and Sparkle – I’m all over this and I need it in my Christmas life – in fact I would probably wear this most of the year.  That cosy cream knit colour, the gold sparkly statement, the stars…..whats not to love? I’m heading straight to New Look and for £14.99 – its a seasonal steal! – buy here

New Look-Christmas jumper-sparkle-all the way-cute-cosy-knit-stars-cream-gold-novelty-seasonal-shopping-online-gingham and sparkle-love it-blog post-blogger-dubai-ireland

This one is a must-buy for ANYONE who loves Christmas – I just love the sparkly gold writing – and again at £14.00 its a bargain and a no-brainer – buy here

So with almost 7 weeks to go to the big day – its time to get to the shops and pick out your favourite festive ‘all-things-Christmas’ jumper – and before they are all gone! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! So on that note – I’ll leave you with a sentiment from comedy-genius and fav actress Kristen Wiig…………

Christmas-jumper-quote-blog post-kristin wiig-funny-season-happy holidays-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Happy Shopping and Happy Christmas

Irene xoxo

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