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Make-up Products I’m Currently Using and Loving!!

makeup-look-selfie-review-lipstain-rimmel-provocalips-kiss me you fool-colour-blog post-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

makeup-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-red lops-selfie-dubai-ireland

As I’ve mentioned in my ‘About’ section – read here – I’m not a make-up artist or beauty expert….but I do love make-up and I’m a sucker for shiny new products and cute packaging.  I love experimenting with different brands so……I thought I’d share with you a few make-up products I’m currently using and loving at the moment.  Now, you have to excuse the ‘tired-still-have-bags-under-my-eyes-despite-using-lots-of-concealer’ look I have going on in the photos – I was 39 weeks pregnant when I took these so sleep wasn’t really happening around then also.

1. Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation and Concealer

Rimmel-Wake Me Up-Foundation-Concealer-Make Up-Coverage-Budget buy-good-love-blog-beauty-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer – see here 

So……first I’m going to start with concealer.  I’ve been wearing Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up’ concealer for a while now and finding it’s definitely my ‘go-to-concealer’ these days.  Whilst the coverage and consistency is good (nice and creamy) especially for redness and pigmentation – it’s not fantastic for hiding ‘tired bags under the eyes’ which in all fairness are very hard to shift.  Maybe I just need more sleep ha, ha! Also when using the concealer – I find if too much is applied – it sits on my fine lines so better to dab a little on at a time.

The foundation on the other hand is excellent as a ‘budget-buy foundation’.  I use the True Ivory shade (Number 103) and find the coverage fantastic.  I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks so find this foundation nice and dewy and long-lasting on my skin, not at all ‘cakey’.  I haven’t had to top it up if I’m out and about for the day (and in Dubai’s soaring summer temperatures….that says a lot!).  I also love that it has a SPF 15 – which for me is essential when choosing foundation especially living in the desert.  I applied Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer on my face before using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and also find because of it’s smooth gel-like consistency it can be easily applied with fingertips as well as a foundation brush as it blends very well.  Rimmel is definitely my favourite ‘drug store’ brand and keep churning out amazing and affordable products. #bestbudgetbrand

make up-foundation-rimmel-wake me up-base-red lips-blogger-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

2. Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad Eyeshadows

Tom Ford-eyeshadows-quad-colour-bronze-makeup-beauty-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Colour Quad – buy here

I think when you hear the name Tom Ford or Tom Ford Beauty – you immediately picture a brand associated with luxury, quality, sophistication and glamour – and that’s exactly what you get with their products.  I particularly love this ‘Nude Dip 03’ eyeshadow quad which is perfect for achieving that bronzed smokey-eye look.  The packaging is also gorgeous – a fab chocolate and gold compact and a lovely little suede material pouch to prevent the compact from getting damaged in your handbag/make-up bag.

Tom Ford-eyeshadow-quad-swatch-bronze-colour-arm-smokey eye-nude dip-blog-beauty-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

You can see from the swatch I did of the eyeshadows – they have a beautiful shimmery effect with a soft, buttery consistency.  

Tom Ford eyeshadow quad

When applying I used the top right hand shade from the quad all over the socket and then blended the bottom left-hand shade in the crease – the result was a gorgeous metallic bronze effect.  I then applied the top left hand – soft caramel butter shade – up to my brow bone.  Under my water-line and bottom lashes I applied the top right shade again with a dab of the fab matte dark brown shade on the bottom right.

I found the shadows blended very well with hardly any fall-out and the lasting power was unbeatable with no creasiness which is a major brownie point and speaks volumes when you think of the quality you are getting for the expensive price-tag.  At €75/AED320….it’s not cheap, but by far, this in one of the best eye-shadow palettes around…..definitely worth it! #amazingproduct

3. Benefit’s Watts Up! Highlighter

benefit-watts up-highlighter-makeup-beauty-face-packaging-cute-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter – buy here

I normally prefer powder highlighters as I find they are so easy to apply with a brush and are really effective.  But I’m also a fan of Benefit’s creamy highlighters such as High Beam (which I’ve been using for years), Sun Beam and Girl Meets Pearl.  So I decided to give this ‘Watts Up’ a go.  I love the fab champagne colour, the gorgeous packaging – as always from Benefit – and it does give a nice, dewy glow.  I applied it on the top of my cheek-bones, under the eyebrows and down the centre of my nose.

make-up-look-picture-selfie-highlighter-benefit-watts up-blog-blogger-beauty-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Whilst I do think it is a nice highlighter, it doesn’t blend as well as some of Benefit’s other highlighters such as High Beam.  The sponge part of the product is quite hard so instead of blending the highlighter nicely… tends to rub it around a bit and mess up my foundation base so I’d rather use my fingers to apply and blend.  In saying that, I still think it is a nice product and great to use alone or just with a tinted moisturiser. #lovingtheglow

Benefit-watts up-highlighter-face-beauty-makeup-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

4. Urban Decay Brow Beater

 Urban Decay-brow-beater-eyebrowns-product-beauty-makeup-new-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Urban Decay Brow Beater Microfine Brow Pencil and Brush – buy here

Like mascara, I’m constantly on the search for good brow products and I’m a sucker for anything brow related as I’m a firm believer that a good brow changes your appearance (for the better) and really enhances your features.  I get my eyebrows done every 2/3 weeks – tinted and re-shaped but I still have stubborn sparse areas where the hairs just refuse to grow.  I’m still holding out for perfect eyebrows similar to Cara Delevingne’s…….still living in hope ha, ha!

Urban Decay have really upped their game in the eyebrow stakes and I decided to give their new ‘brow beater’ a go – love the name  for starters!  On one end of the Brow Beater is a microfine pencil and on the other end is a brush to brush your brow hairs up first before you start penciling in.  I find this product really good as the pencil has such a fine tip – it allows you to create natural looking fine hairs.  I use the ‘Dark’ shade and it’s definitely up there with my favourite brow products. #willbepurchasing

You can see the before and after effect from the pictures below………

makeup-brows-selfie-blog-blogger-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai


makeup-blogger-eyebrows-red lips-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai


5. Kat Von D Troop Liquid Eyeliner

kvd-kat von d-makeup-sephora-tattoo artist-beauty-blog post-makeup review-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Kat Von D-eyeliner-troop-black-makeup-sephora-tattoo artist-makeup review-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper Colour – buy here

Ok….I admit…..I am a huge reality tv fan and used to love watching Kat Von D’s (American tattoo artist and musician) show on TLC – ‘LA Ink’.  She has since become a global makeup brand and has one of the biggest social media followings for a make-up brand – because of her approach to makeup with lots of fun, creativity and colour. Check out her Instagram page – here.

She has just launched her range in Sephora in Dubai and so far the reviews on her products I’ve been reading are very good.  I purchased her tattoo liner (colour – Trooper) which is a best seller and as I’m always trying to create the perfect ‘winged eyeliner’ look (mostly failing may I add!) – I was excited to give this a go – as no one does the ‘flicked bad-ass eyeliner winged’ look as good as Kat Von D.

kat von d-eyeliner-trooper-black ink-tattoo artist-makeup-blog post-review-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-beauty-sephora

I have to say this is one fantastic eyeliner – it has a brush tip instead of a felt tip so it makes application of the winged affect much easier.  Staying power was excellent – lasting the whole day! I am so impressed!  I’m still ridiculously bad at perfecting the whole ‘cat-eye’ look (they just never look the same) but this has make it a whole lot easier.  Definitely one of my favourite eyeliners I’ve come across in a while and I’m excited to try some more of her products – I hear her foundation is very good also.

6. Rimmel Provocalips

Rimmel-provocalips-lip stain-lipstick-red-makeup-review-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-beauty blogger

Rimmel Provocalips in ‘Kiss Me You Fool’ colour – see here

rimmel-provocalips-makeup-lip stain-long lasting-beauty-review-blog post-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Rimmel Provocalips in ‘Make Your Move’ colour – see here

As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of Rimmel – and it’s definitely my ‘go-to’ drug store brand of choice.  I’m also a fan of long lasting lipsticks and lip-stains so purchasing this was a no-brainer as I was dying to try them out.  The website claims that they are “Kiss-proof, transfer proof, food proof, high impact endless colour.  No tight feeling or dry lips.  Lips feel smooth and moisturised all day long”  So the verdict…………’it does exactly what it says on the tin’ after constantly kissing my children, licking my lips, drinking lots of tea and a big greasy take-away’ – it didn’t move.  My only criticism with the Provocalips is that you do need to apply some of your own moisturising clear lipgloss or lip balm after the highly-pigmented colour dries and after you apply the ‘Lock and Shine End – step 2’ as I found it a tad dry.  But once I put my own moisturising lip balm on – it was perfect, didn’t budge and was completely ‘everything-proof’.

makeup-look-selfie-review-lipstain-rimmel-provocalips-kiss me you fool-colour-blog post-gingham and sparkle-ireland-dubai

Just to note, I had to use my eye-makeup remover with a cotton pad to remove the lip stains.  I purchased two colours:

No. 500 Kiss Me You Fool (above) – a rich cherry red colour.

No. 730 Make Your Move (below) – a more creamy nude colour.

Rimmel-Provocalips-lip stain-makeup-make your move-long lasting-beauty-blog post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-review-ireland

I will definitely be purchasing more Rimmel Provocalips – at AED a pop…..these are so worth it!  In addition, if anyone is a fan of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Range of long-lasting lip stains – you will love this Rimmel collection.

Thanks for reading and visiting and remember……………

makeup-quote-blog post-review-gingham and sparkle-girl-dubai-ireland

Happy Shopping,

Irene xoxo


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    Dear god that Tom Ford palette is stunning! I might have to start dropping some hints for Christmas now…

    October 28, 2015 at 11:59 am
    • Reply Irene Feeney

      Donna…..its amazeballs and well worth the money – the quality is unreal – it didn’t budge from my eyeballs all day!! I want to start buying more of his products now also!! Hope Santa is good to you ;-

      October 28, 2015 at 4:21 pm

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