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Ok so seen as this is my first blog post and the fact that I’m about to give birth to my second child any day now, I thought it only apt that I dedicate this to all the mums-to-be out there and maternity style.  So I thought I’d put together a list of maternity clothes (and non-maternity) that I think are important and essential to have to get you through those nine months and after.

As I’m currently pregnant with my second child, I have some maternity pieces which I invested in first time around and kept as I thought I may need them some day again…….and I was right.  What I can remember from when I was pregnant with my daughter Molly (and reminded this time again!) was how disappointed I was with maternity clothes and the selection in Dubai.  Hardly any of the big high-street chains stock a maternity range here (apart from H&M and New Look) and the selection isn’t all that great.  I find a lot of maternity clothes in general can look a tad ‘mumsy’ and ‘dated’ and as I like to still look fashionable and keep up with the trends whilst pregnant – my go-to place is and has always been ASOS.  Ok, I know it has the disadvantage of not been able to try the clothes on but the free international delivery to Dubai is a bonus – and if you’re like me and have no patience – a Shop and Ship account is a must so you can get your goodies even quicker!!

The ASOS maternity collection is very affordable and usually good quality.  The range and choice is massive and they have everything from going-out dresses, ripped denim jeans and jumpsuits to underwear, swimwear and cute pj’s.  Basically your one-stop-shop for all things maternity style.  Topshop online is also excellent regarding maternity wear but the collection leans more towards the basic-side compared to the trendy and vast array of styles that ASOS carry.

In relation to actual shopping in Dubai for maternity clothes, I found myself buying clothes in a larger size (usually one-dress size up) and in particular I find the H&M Basic range excellent for this.  The basic range is stocked in most large H&M stores across the UAE and the quality is fantastic.  I actually bought more in that particular range than the actual maternity range.  They have great midi-length stretchy dresses which are very comfortable and fit the bump perfectly and their long stretchy vest tops are fab under kimono’s, sleeveless-blazers and long cardi’s.  Their leggings are also great and they have an array of styles.  More importantly….all these clothes can be worn of course post-baby.

On that note……..I’m going to list a few of the basic essential maternity items that I think are worth investing in and can take you through a couple of pregnancies.


With my first pregnancy, I knew this was something I would have to invest in as jeans are a staple in any wardrobe….pregnant or not pregnant.  So one day I happened to be in Zara (as you do!!) and randomly found a rail of maternity jeans in the kids section.  I found a pair I liked, tried them on and couldn’t believe how well they fit – I actually love them so much, I’m always tempted to wear them when I’m not pregnant – particularly on ‘fat-days’!  My only regret was not getting a pair in different colours.  Again ASOS have also great maternity jeans – I invested in a nice pair of white denims as well as a pair of ripped-style jeans.  Little tip though……order you’re actual size in maternity jeans from ASOS as they are true-to-size and I made the mistake of ordering a size too big.


Asos maternity jeans

ASOS maternity distressed skinny jeans – buy here

Asos maternity white jeans

ASOS maternity white skinny jeans – buy here

Long vest tops and t-shirts

You can’t go wrong with these as you can dress them up and dress them down, wear them under denim shirts, cardi’s and kimono’s, they’re long enough to cover the bump and comfortable over leggings.  I always find though I’m drawn to Breton style stripes when I’m pregnant?  I don’t know why this is?  Has anyone else noticed that maternity clothes manufacturers seem to LOVE stripes?

Maternity tops


ASOS 2 pack maternity vest tops – buy here

Maternity vest top

H&M Basic collection long jersey top – buy here


Ok…..I know…..this is a bit of a controversial one because after those nine long months, all I want to do is burn every pair of leggings I own as I’m sick of wearing and looking at them.  But…….you can’t deny the fact that they are very comfortable particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and are so easy to wear on those days when you’re feeling so tired, drained and the last thing you feel like doing is dressing up.  So yes……in my opinion they are an essential maternity item in your wardrobe but be warned – you will want to part ways with them after those nine months and not see them for a while!

Maternity H&M leopard print leggings


H&M Basic collection leopard print jersey leggings – buy here

ASOS black seam free leggings

ASOS maternity black seam free leggings – buy here

Kimono’s and Long Cardigans

These work great as cover-ups over a long tee or vest top and paired with jeans or leggings.  Kimono’s were huge again for Spring/Summer 2015 and everywhere this summer with some transitional pieces in some of the high street Autumn/Winter collections – in particular New Look.  So worth buying a couple to go with various basic tops in your maternity wardrobe.  Long cardigans are a ‘no-brainer’ – comfy and perfect for Dubai when indoors and especially walking around the malls with the a/c.

Kimono topNew Look folk inspired fringe hem kimono – buy here


ASOS long cardi

ASOS maternity waterfall cardigan – buy here


Dresses are so easy to wear especially here in Dubai with the climate so its worth investing in a few different styles.  I suggest a couple of stretchy material maxi or midi-length dresses (again H&M Basic range has some lovely ones) which can look quite flattering over the bump.  A-line, shirt and smock dresses are also good buys – I would buy a dress-size up to give you that extra room for the growing bump.  ASOS have a fantastic selection of maternity style dresses.

H&M stretcy midi-dress


H&M Basic collection midi-length dress – buy similar here

Asos maternity dress

Love this!!! – ASOS maternity dress with wrap overlay – buy here

Asos maternity dress

Missoni inspired ASOS maternity chevron shift dress – buy here

Maternity/nursing bras

This is one item I struggled to find.  I prefer to wear non-wired bra’s during my pregnancy – mainly for comfort.  I did initially find it difficult to find bra’s that gave support without looking like a sports-bra.  Cue Destination Maternity in Dubai where I invested in a couple of lovely nude bra’s last time and this time around by maternity brand Motherhood Maternity – they are honestly the most comfortable bra’s to wear whilst pregnant – they have nice padding, they give support and you can buy the exact same ones here – they also ship to the UAE – bonus!!  I also found Marks & Spencer do a good range of maternity and nursing bra’s and bought some from their range also – see below.

M&S maternity/nursing bras    M&S two-pack lace non-wired maternity bras – buy here

Shoes and accessories

On a final note, I always seem to go shoe and accessory mad when I’m pregnant – more than usual – as you may have noticed on my Instagram page.  I blame it on the fact that shoes are the one thing that still fit me and I love to change up an outfit with accessories such as statement necklaces etc.  I love my heels and high ankle-boots but flats are my shoe-of-choice when pregnant. At the moment I’m loving sliders as they’re so easy to slip on and off especially when the bump is in the way and its nearly impossible to bend down!

ASOS silver sliders


ASOS silver leather sliders – buy here

ASOS woven flat sandals

ASOS Weave flat sandals – buy here

Forever 21 statement necklace

Forever 21 Gemstone statement necklace – buy here

Forever 21 Gemstone Statement Necklace

This is gorgeous – Forever 21 Clustered Gemstone statement necklace – buy here

So thats it…… thoughts on all things maternity-style…..hope this has helped and given you some ideas on what and where to buy to get you through your pregnancy and to leave you on one final note……..always remember………

Pregnancy quote

Happy shopping,

Irene xoxo

Out and about in Dubai

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