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Products I’m loving and ‘not-so’ loving

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So this is my first little product review of my own products that I’m currently using at the moment.  I’m mostly loving them all except for one…..I’m not so sure of……..but its a mixture of some expensive and some budget buys – so across all the boards! Hope you like it!!

Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

If there was ever a ‘cult-beauty-buy’ then Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is it!  Its been around for a long time and even though I was always aware of its cult status, I had to give it a go and hop on to this ‘serum-bandwagon’ to see what all the fuss was about….especially seen as one bottle is sold every 8 seconds.  First of all I’m obsessed with the packaging and in particular the medicinal looking bottle as I feel I’m literally giving my skin healing medicine most nights.  Estée Lauder were one of the first companies to introduce the whole ‘medicinal look’ of their products and I for one am a fan of that clinical look.  I must say I feel my skin is much clearer since using the serum and my makeup looks better.  My skin tone seems a lot more even and when I feel like I’m absolutely wrecked (baby no. 2 is about to arrive any day now!) my skin is not showing it.  So, in a nutshell, this is one cult -beauty product I will definitely be re-purchasing….for medicinal purposes of course lol! #obsessed

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

I’m a big fan of tinted moisturisers especially living in Dubai as I don’t like to wear heavy foundation on my skin during the day.  I love the feeling of something lightweight and airy and when I was on the hunt for a nice everyday tinted moisturiser this Laura Mercier one kept on coming up on blog reviews so without further ado…….I invested and so glad I did.  I love the Laura Mercier brand itself and expected big things from this product.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed as the consistency of the cream is gorgeous and it just smooths onto the skin effortlessly.  As its oil-free also and with a SPF20 it is perfect for living in the UAE all year round.  The coverage is nice and light with a lovely flawless finish and colour and also lasts well throughout the day.  I use the shade: Bisque which I find is perfect for my Irish skin tone.  This is without doubt another product I will be re-purchasing for my make-up bag. #loveit

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

For those of you not familiar with this brand, it’s a very successful fake tan company started by an Irish woman – Marissa Carter (follow her on Instagram – she is amazing – @marissacarter).  I am obsessed with everything by Cocoa Brown and so happy Marissa Carter is doing so well with it.  It’s massive in Ireland, I think every Irish girl uses it or at least owns a product from the range.  Its sold in Penneys (Primark), Boots and lots of pharmacies in Ireland, River Island and Primark in the UK, Ricky’s NYC in New York and just about to be stocked in the brand new Primark store in Boston – so its slowly gaining worldwide momentum.  Kylie Jenner is even a fan and shared an Instagram selfie photo recently (see below) with her Cocoa Brown products.

Kylie Jenner Cocoa Brown

So of course its inevitable I stock up big-time when I’m home in Ireland – if I could I would fill an entire suitcase full of the products as I don’t sunbathe in Dubai (my Irish skin can’t handle the sun!) and I find it hard to get decent and reasonable fake tan products here.  Hands down, the range itself especially the 1-Hour Tan Mousse is probably one of the best fake tan products I have ever used as it doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell and doesn’t look patch and dirty after a few days.  I will do another blog post on the other Cocoa Brown products as I use most of them (and there are some exciting new products coming out soon) but I just wanted to talk about the Lovely Legs spray which I got when I was at home recently.  Theres’s been quite a bit of talk about this as some people say it looks quite orange but I haven’t found that.  I’ve used it on my legs after I shower and it develops into a lovely golden tan colour on my skin.  Marissa Carter has just changed its formula and the shade has now more brown tones so I’m dying to try that when I’m home next – in fact a lot of bloggers have been raving about how they use it all over!  Those of you in the UK and coming back to Dubai after the summer – its now been sold in River Island (link to buy) and Primark in the UK.  So grab some and try it out!.  In addition all Cocoa Brown products can also be purchased online at – link here #obsessed

HD Brows - Lash Booster

HD Brows Lash and Brow Booster

I think I’m the ultimate ‘salesman/woman’s’ dream! Why you may ask? Because every time I go to a salon or anywhere surrounded by beauty products – I get sucked in and before I know it I’m handing my credit card over and getting brain-washed with all the hype.  So this is exactly what happened with this product.  I’m a big fan of false eyelashes and lashes in general and love having my eyebrows always done….so….I was expecting big things from the HD Brows Lash and Brow Booster.  Erm…….six weeks later I’m still waiting for my eyelashes to look longer and fuller and my eyebrows (especially the bald bits) to look a bit thicker!  Maybe I was expecting too much but with a price tag of AED204 (€50) it certainly isn’t that cheap so I’ve been somewhat disappointed with this product.  This is something that I probably wouldn’t buy again unfortunately so in the meantime, I think I’ll go back to using good ol’ Vaseline on my brows and lashes! #disappointed

Aldi Beauty Products

Aldi Lacura Skincare

I think it’s safe to say that Aldi’s award-winning Lacura Beauty products are becoming a bit of a cult-buy, with a cult following including me!  Yet again…..another bunch of products that I stock up on hugely when I’m home – adding to the weight of my luggage coming back to Dubai.  Cheer’s Aldi!  So whats all the hype about?  Aldi’s Lacura range is famous for producing versions of high-end products at a fraction of the price…so much so…..that more than often, the products usually sell out as soon as they hit the shelves, in particular, their anti-aging serum.  At the moment I’m using the Anti-Wrinkle Renew Day Cream (SPF 20) and the Night Cream as well as the Multi-Intensive H2O Serum which I find all fantastic.  The moisturisers feel so lovely and luxurious on the skin and also very hydrating and my skin looks nice and refreshed in the morning.  Plus at AED16 (€4) per product – they are the best value around right now).  If we could just get Aldi to open up in Dubai now, panic levels of running out of the stuff would diminish and I would be one very happy and moisturised supermarket-beauty-product-convert.  So ladies, anyone still in Ireland, the UK or Europe and coming back to Dubai soon, head into Aldi and stock up big time! #obsessed

Rimmel BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream

I reckon if I had to choose, Rimmel would be my favourite drug-store brand of choice.  I love their branding, packaging and the fact that they use big names such as Rita Ora and Kate Moss to promote the brand.  So I was pleasantly surprised again when I used their Matte 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting BB Cream.  The coverage is amazing and I particularly find it great for Dubai because:

  • BB Creams are perfect here when it’s so hot and you don’t have to worry as much when your foundation starts to melt
  • The matte finish almost locks in any shiny residue trying to get out – be it from your skin or thanks to the heat
  • It has a SPF15……so….top marks!

It’s also very reasonably priced (AED39) and I’m on my second tube already after purchasing it a month ago.  This will not be leaving my make-up bag anytime soon. #essentialitem

So thats it……a little honest review of what I’m using at the moment…..what are your current favourite and not-so favourite products at the moment.  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading and remember…….

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Happy Shopping,

Irene xoxo

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