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Return of the Bomber Jacket

bomber-jacket-blog post-green-army-raybans-gingham and sparkle-casual-blogger-dubai-ireland-ripped jeans-1990's -return-cool-on trend-autumn-winter-back in fashion-forever 21

bomber-jacket-blog post-green-army-raybans-gingham and sparkle-casual-blogger-dubai-ireland-ripped jeans-1990's -return-cool-on trend-autumn-winter-back in fashion-forever 21

When one thinks of the 90’s, there are certain things that are now synonymous with that crazy decade and things which we will never forget.  Such examples include – the Spice girls, the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Furbies, crimped hair, Baywatch, the ‘Rachel’ from Friends haircut, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, scrunchies and the ‘Macarena’ dance to mention a few.  But who can remember the fashion of the 1990’s?  Or who wants to remember ha, ha?

The grunge trend, baseball hats worn backwards, camouflage/cargo pants (guilty!!!), dungarees, Baby G watches (guilty!!!), tattoo chokers (guilty!!!), flannel/tartan shirts (guilty and still wearing them!!!), Nike Air Jordans and the worst offenders – shell-suits (majorly and embarrassingly guilty!!!)……you know you were too ha, ha!1990-quote-blog post-funny-10 years ago-blogger-dubai-ireland-bomber jacket-fashion-style-trend-autumn-winter

So it’s no surprise that fashion usually does a full circle and clothing we thought would never see the light of day again and style we are almost embarrassed about – usually come back to haunt us……….or maybe not?  Cue the return of the bomber jacket.  Yes……it’s back and it’s back with a stylish 2015 vengeance in classic, print and floral styles.

army green-aviation-bomber-jacket-1990s-back in fashion-blog post-blogger-dubai-ireland-casual-stylish-fashion-autumn-winter-return of the bomber jacket

This jacket with roots in aviation, used by the British Royal Air Force and designed in the 1920’s has flown in and out of fashion since the 1970’s.  Recently it has been stylishly worn by a whole host of celebrities including Olivia Palermo, Ellie Goulding, Kate Moss, Rihanna and almost all of the Kardashians – yes… them or hate them…….we all watch like hawks at what they are wearing – especially the ‘one-to-watch’ at the moment – Kylie!

kim kardashian-bomber jacket-black-style-fashion-on trend-stylish-blog post-return of the bomber jacket-dubai-ireland-gingham and sparkle-the kardashians-kimye

Kate Moss-bomber-jacket-green-pink-style-fashion-stylish-on trend-supermodel-love-blogger-gingham and sparkle-blog post-return of the bomber jacket-dubai-ireland-autumn-winter

Kylie Jenner-bomber jacket-army-green-on trend-the kardashians-stylish-fashion-style-blog post-gingham and sparkle-return of the bomber jacket-trendy-dubai-ireland-blogger

I recently picked up this military green colour bomber jacket in Forever 21.  I’m not gonna lie…….I had a bit of a nostalgic fashion moment when I saw it as I remember purchasing a very similar green bomber jacket back in the 90’s in the Army and Navy store (which was THE place to buy them) in my hometown of Galway in Ireland – and thinking I was the ‘bees-knees’ parading around town in it!

bomber-return-1990's-blog post-gingham and sparkle-forever 21-green-army-military-blogger-dubai-ireland-style-fashion

Forever 21 Bomber Jacket – buy similar here

So for memory sake of course, I had to purchase and I have to say I absolutely love it – I look like I’m having a bit of a ‘Top Gun’ moment in the picture (above) with my Raybans ha, ha).

adidas-leopard-print-trainers-runners-trend-autumn-winter-love-stylish-fashion-fitness-running-blog post-gingham and sparkle

I’m wearing my Adidas Leopard Print trainers – above – which I picked up in the children’s section (the advantage of having size UK5 feet!) – these are unfortunately sold out now but can be purchased on eBay.

Topshop-bomber-jacket-green-army-military-shop-online-blog post-blogger-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland-fashion-style

This fab army green bomber from Topshop can be purchased online, also comes in black and again can be styled so many ways – be it casual or a more glam look – buy here

The Floral Bomber

Oliver Palermo-bomber-jacket-style-fashion-stylish-trendy-floral-colour-shorts-tights-autumn-winter-green-blogger-gingham and sparkle-return of the bomber jacket-blog post-dubai-ireland

After seeing Olivia Palermo in this gorgeous floral print bomber (above), I was a woman-possessed until I found something similar.  I finally hunted this one down (see below) on eBay after a lot of ‘out-of-stock’ searches everywhere.

bomber-jacket-floral-black-flowers-trendy-autumn-winter-on trend-return of the bomber-gingham and sparkle-blogger-blog post-casual-sports luxe

I’m dying to team it with some leather leggings, ripped jeans, culottes or maybe go with a full sports-luxe look.  I definitely feel some future #ootd photos in the pipeline.

So, anyone looking to reminisce over their ‘fashionable’ 1990’s moments – the bomber jacket is a good place to start.  I’m loving how it’s back with a fresh and funky vengeance and definitely having a brand new fashion moment.

Anna Wintour-quote-fashion-style-blog-post-blogger-gingham and sparkle-return of the bomber jacket-dubai-ireland-autumn-winter-trendy-green-army-military

Happy Shopping

Irene xoxo

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