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Snapchat: Its A Love/Hate Relationship



Recently a lot of bloggers have been doing blog posts about Snapchat as it literally has blown up especially amongst the blogging community in the last 6 months – 1 year.  I went home to Ireland for the month of July and came back to Dubai a Snapchat addict or ‘Snaddict’ as coined by the hilarious Irish blogger Lovely Girly Bits.  To say I’m obsessed is an understatement.  How did this happen? How have I gotten sucked in?

Snapchat quote

After navigating myself around the ‘social media platform of the moment’ I soon discovered a plethora of really funny and entertaining people – mainly bloggers.  And that was it…….I was trapped…..with my time now belonging to Snapchat!

James Kavaghnagh Snapchat

One of my favourite Snapchatters – jameskava – giving erm….a Kylie Jenner lip tutorial!

So heres a couple of reasons why I absolutely LOVE it…………

  • You get an insight into normal life of your favourite bloggers and celebrities and love when their stories pop up to watch what they have been up to.
  • It’s great for beauty, makeup and fashion hauls.  Again, its a fantastic social medial platform for bloggers to showcase outfit and mirror selfies, favourite skincare and makeup products, tips on how to apply makeup and even food recipes and exercise routines.
  • I love how it’s so instant and real-life, so no faffing about with filters like on Instagram (even though Snapchat has a couple of basic filters) cropping photos, adding borders and making everything ‘picture perfect’.  Its as real as you can get.

Instagram Quote

  • Its a good laugh……especially when one of my favourite Snapchatters (lovelygirlybits) has a funny story.  At this point, I’m usually in bed with my earphones on chuckling away to myself.
  • Its a great and instant way to interact with your own friends, followers and favourite Snapchatters.  I love how a lot of the bloggers I follow do a ‘Q&A’ session and are always really good for getting back to any questions.
  • I like how everything is deleted after 24 hours so little snippets of your life can be viewed by your followers but then deleted forever.

Me and my gorgeous little girl messing around on Snapchat as you do!!

Why I hate (ok hate is a strong word…..dislike is maybe better!) Snapchat…………..

  • It’s killing my 3G data.  One week into a new month and I get a message from my phone and internet provider telling me I have no 3G data left?  And who’s to blame? Snapchat!  “Where is my data Snapchat……and what have you done with it?”
  • Its killing my phone battery.  I may now have to invest in a mobile charger so I don’t get caught out with battery problems when I’m out and about.  Again…..the culprit is Snapchat.  Those 10 second videos are eating into my battery life, even though my phone is less than a year old… poor battery can’t handle it.
  • The recent Snapchat update has gotten rid of the little timer/counter at the top right hand corner of the screen which means that you can no longer see how many seconds someone’s story is – which is so irritating as I don’t have time to look at a story which is over 500 seconds (ain’t nobody got time for that!!!) so I used to either ignore that persons story or just flick through it really fast to clear it – now I have no idea of how long it is – so Snapchat CEO – if you’re reading this – please bring back the counter with the amount of seconds…..please….thankyou!
  • This is a big one – I have no time for anything else because I can’t seem to carry on with my day until I’ve watched all my Snapchat stories……I know…..’get-a-life-Irene’….but I’m addicted!  This happens throughout the day……resulting in me not being able to sleep until I’ve watched everyones story (nosey much?).  How sad am I?  I’m not the only one though…….right?

snapchat-filter-rainbow-funny-entertaining-blog-post-gingham and sparkle

Yes – thats me (above and below)! Attractive isn’t it ha, ha! So with the recent Snapchat update – came the hilarious and constantly changing addition of face filters – which are quite entertaining and saw everyones Snapchat stories filled with countless videos and photos of vomiting rainbows, scary monster faces, Emoji-faces, angel halo-heads, faces in a fish bowl, bloated faces eating biscuits and so on! These are updated on a daily basis and are quite funny – that is unless they are completely over-used – less is more and all that!

Snapchat-emoji-face-filter-update-funny-blog-post-gingham and sparkle-dubai-ireland

Snapchat quote 3

  • I feel like I’ve neglected my other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram.  These days I’d much rather watch my favourite Snapchatters snaps and stories than my Instagram feed.  I never thought that could be possible!
  • The 10 second video time can be a bit annoying especially when you’re trying to tell a story and you keep repeating yourself.
  • I’m not following many celebrities on Snapchat but I think the most disappointing one has to be Kylie Jenner as apparently she is the number 1 most-viewed account on Snapchat?  When I say disappointing….her Snapchat stories usually just comprise of her posing provocatively and pouting ‘those lips’ with her BFF Pia Mia….thats it really….nothing else to see so may be deleting her very soon.

Who to follow?

In relation to who-to-follow on Snapchat – I’m mainly following bloggers as I love seeing how fellow bloggers go about their daily lives (nosey much??) and love when they do make-up tutorials, shopping hauls and a peek into the events they go to.  So here’s a list of my favourite people to follow:

@anouskapb (fabulous fashion blogger)

@aoibhedev89 (fashion, beauty and celebrity blogger)

@cartermarissa (amazing business woman and CEO of Cocoa Brown Tan)

@daintydressdiaries (gorgeous shabby-chic interiors blogger with a beautiful home and cute cat called Blondie)

@hautesofabulous (another fab fashion blogger)

@inthefrow (love this girl – beautiful fashion blogger)

@jameskava (one of the funniest people on Snapchat – see above)

@jamespatrice (this guy is up there with my all time favourite – watch how he constantly gives his mum frights!)

@lcscloset (a gorgeous girl from Mayo in Ireland with an amazing blog and living it up in New York)

@mylittlelovesblog (gorgeous fellow Irish mummy blogger living in Dubai)

@pippa.oconnor (beautiful blogger, business woman and creator of the fab Pippa make-up palette)

@primarksnap (for obvious reasons!!)

@retroflame1 (probably one of my favourite bloggers – a gorgeous girl with the most amazing red hair and also living it up in New York – you will want to live in New York when you see her snaps!)

@sarah_ashcroft (love her fashion snaps!)

@lydiaemillen (amazing style and Chloe bag collection…#jealous)

So there you have it, a few thoughts on my love/hate relationship with Snapchat.  I find it quite amusing that a couple of years ago when Snapchat first came on the scene – I thought ‘”this is one social media avenue I would not be venturing down on…….and boy was I wrong”.  On a parting note, I may have to attend some Snapchat Anonymous meetings in the near future but in the meantime……I’m happy to be chuckling away to myself in bed with my ear-phones on watching some people go about their hilarious daily lives.

Snapchat pic

Happy Snapping,

Irene xoxo



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