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Baruni is “designed for the energetic and driven modern woman who wants to feel stylish yet comfortable at all times”

Hi everyone and welcome to the third and final instalment of featuring designers from the Middle East as part of a series on my blog.  Number one and number two can be seen here, here and here.  This may be a case of saving the best until last (one more outfit post on this fab designer will be coming soon) so without further ado…..let me introduce you to Baruni.  Created by Fadwa Baruni, whose influences are drawn from the structured world of engineering as well as her professional career in Europe and her North African heritage.  Trained in art and fashion design at Edinburgh College of Art, Fadwa combines strong fashion sensibilities with her earlier training in engineering to design a collection that displays sophisticated, clean lines and sharp tailoring, all constructed for ease and fit.baruni-designer-fashion-style-love-blue-desert-blogger-dubai-uae-sportsluxe-athleisure-instagram-bag-accessories-zara-shoes-jacket-texture-collection-inspiration-fadwa-ss17-spring-summer-clean-cuts-fashionblogger-gingham-and-sparkle-pose-stylish-colour-strong

Having looked at the collection in full, I came to a quick realisation that her designs are really up my street (or up my desert in this case ha, ha).  I love love love the strong, stand-out colours that Baruni injects into her designs as well as the textures and a nod to the athleisure or sports-luxe vibe which I’m a big fan of.  The colour and vibrancy of this beautiful silk dress stood out to me (perfect for the sometimes harsh Middle Eastern climate) and the amazing shredded-textured jacket just fills me with joy – it’s a pity I had to give it back – that jacket would fit nicely in my wardrobe!baruni-designer-fashion-style-love-blue-desert-blogger-dubai-uae-sportsluxe-athleisure-instagram-bag-accessories-zara-shoes-jacket-texture-collection-inspiration-fadwa-ss17-spring-summer-clean-cuts-fashionblogger-gingham-and-sparkle-pose-stylish-colour-strong

Over the years Fadwa has been strongly influenced by regional and local cultural influences as well as the colours and textures of nature, developing a signature style for the Baruni Collection.  Recent collections have drawn their inspiration from the desert and from the presence of the sea.  Strong colours, cuts and fabrics characterize the Baruni collections, creating a distinctive style which is building a growing following in the Middle East region.  Having seen her collection, I’m so glad I arranged this photo shoot in the desert in Al Qudra in Dubai (and a stone throw away from where I live) as it definitely show-cases the strong vision in her designs and the colours just pop against the neutral sandy dunes and landscape.


Accessorizing this look was quite easy because the strong plain design allowed me to go a bit mad and quirky with my choice of shoe and bag.  This Mua Mua Dolls Instagram bag which a few of my good friends got me for my birthday is something that I will always cherish and which I absolutely love as who doesn’t love Instagram and a ‘kitsch bag’!?  Funnily enough……it seems to go with everything and seems to be a ‘cult-buy’ on the blogger circle with a lot of top bloggers featuring it regularly on their Instagram feeds – ‘cliché much?’ he, he!  The shoes are from Zara and are a couple of years old but I find myself wearing them a lot…..they seem to still look trendy and fab paired with almost anything!  You cannot go wrong with monochrome in any shape or form.  The red tassel earrings are probably my most worn pair of ear candy I have this summer.  They’re from H&M, they are all over Instagram and I basically won’t rest until I have a pair in every colour (I have the black – the nude and navy pair are next on my radar!).


One thing I am loving about local designers from the Middle East with strong connections to Dubai, is that their collections and designs are just so wearable.  I love how that element of conservativeness is incorporated into all the collections – something which makes easy-wear in Dubai in terms of cultural respect.  Already Baruni’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is giving me all the feels from the strong colours to the clean lines and cuts and there’s something about her style that makes it all seem so classic and timeless.

 “The Baruni collection is designed for the woman who enjoys a full life and who requires a wardrobe to suit, whether relaxing at home with family or socialising with friends.”baruni-designer-fashion-style-love-blue-desert-blogger-dubai-uae-sportsluxe-athleisure-instagram-bag-accessories-zara-shoes-jacket-texture-collection-inspiration-fadwa-ss17-spring-summer-clean-cuts-fashionblogger-gingham-and-sparkle-pose-stylish-colour-strong

So this concludes Part 1 of the Baruni feature, I will be back with one more look from this fabulous designer and another of my fav pieces very soon so stay tuned.  As always, thanks a million for taking the time to give my wee blog a read…….hope you like this little ‘off-road’ designer feature…….I promise I’ll be back to my roots – my high-street blogging asap as thats where my passion lies but sometimes it’s nice as I’ve mentioned previously – see here – to do something a bit different and challenge yourself.

Til next time…………….


Irene xoxo

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