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What I’m Liking And Not-So-Liking On My Skin These Days



We all know how important our skin is and I think most of us are fixated on keeping our skin in the best condition possible, fighting the wrinkles, signs of old-age and ensuring we look after it.  I definitely fall into the ‘obsessed-with-trying-new-skin-products-and-forever-trying-to-enhance-my-skin’ bracket.  When it comes to girlie spa days and trips to the beauty salon, I will always opt for the facial! I’m not a ‘massage’ person – I personally don’t enjoy them so for me – facials are my vice!

So, I think I’m gonna do a blog post once a month about the various beauty products I’m using, liking and not-so-liking as the title goes!  I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie so I don’t think I’ll have a problem gathering products to talk about ha, ha!  I don’t get paid to review or talk about any products in particular – if I did – I would most certainly tell you all.  These are products that I’ve bought myself from recommendations from fellow bloggers, friends and the usual advertising campaigns.

So before I start waffling on about the products – (you would think I am in some way affiliated with the Body Shop) – but I assure you I’m not, ha, ha! I’ve recently fallen back in love with the Body Shop after taking a hiatus from there for a number of years – you can read about it in a recent blog post – see here.  So I’m back in love with some of their products again starting with this one:


The Body Shop Camomile ‘Silky Cleansing Oil’ – see here

I recently heard rumblings about this cleanser in the blogger world so I decided to try it out – and I am soooo glad I did. For me, this is up there as one of my top cleansers of all time.  I honestly love using it.  My skin feels amazing after using it as it more or less leaves a moisturised hue on my skin. I feel totally refreshed and my skin has never felt so clean!  It goes on as a dry oil, you rub it into your skin first, then add some warm water until it lathers and then wash off with warm water.  You will be amazed with how it makes your skin feel! I just can’t get enough of this stuff – my ‘go-to’ cleanser these days.


The Body Shop Camomile ‘Sumptuous Cleansing Butter’ – see here

Ok the reason this was purchased, is because I recently went to re-purchase the Silky Cleansing Oil (above) but it was sold-out, so being the impatient person that I am – I needed something that would give the same effect and clean feeling.  So I was persuaded (as I always am!!!) to buy the cleansing butter equivalent.  I also really like this – again the texture has a really nice silky consistency and I now use this when I feel my skin needs some extra pampering.  It melts into my skin as it is rubbed on and I then remove it using a hot/warm face-cloth or flannel.  Nothing like a nice hot warm towel on your face to instantly feel revived and clean! The Body Shop are known for their butters – in particular the Body Butters and their cleansing butters are no exception – equally as divine!


The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – see here

Truth being told……..this is ‘da bomb’! I absolutely love it and feel it has made a massive difference to my skin.  My skin looks a lot more revived in the mornings, fresh and as corny as it sounds……(it even says it on the packaging) – dare I say it  – ‘youthful’!  Again, I went to buy a completely different product and came out with this – but now, I’m so glad I did.  First impressions, the packaging is great, it comes with a little spatula in which you apply whatever amount on your face.  Personally – I just use my fingers as I find it easier.  I’ve never seen texture like it in a gel before – again the packaging says it – ‘Bouncy Sleeping Mask’ – and THAT it certainly is.   The texture resembles hard jelly and your finger actually bounces on it when you go to take some from the tub – so it’s quite a different but nice consistency.  It is also enriched with Edelweiss stem cells – (it had me at ‘stem-cells’!) which I reckon is the secret ingredient here.  The only thing I don’t like is that after you apply the gel, it instantly becomes like a sticky residue on your skin.  You need to wash your hands as they feel so sticky like you’ve been playing around with a bottle of glue.  I normally like to rub my products into my hands after applying them to my face – but not with this one, it is way too sticky.  In saying that, I’m happy to endure the ‘stickiness’ for the results.  I love that it is a sleeping mask that you can leave on overnight and I use it most nights.  My skin has a fresh, nourished glow when I wake up and as I’ve had a baby 4 months ago, you can imagine the tiredness which wreaks havoc on your skin – so I honestly think this has saved my skin. 10 out of 10 for this product!


The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser – see here

I think I may have been feeling dull, tired and grumpy when I bought this as I felt like I really needed it ha, ha! But I was excited to try it as:

  1. I’m obsessed with medicinal-type packaging in beauty products and
  2. It says ‘dull, tired, grumpy skin’… explanation needed!

When I say I’ve been a tad disappointed with this is a bit of an exaggeration – I think I just expected more from this product.  Don’t get me wrong……I’ve enjoyed using it as it has a lovely light texture and glides effortlessly onto the skin but I think I was expecting my skin to glow to a similar Vitamin C effect of eating like 50 oranges!  But it just didn’t do it for me.  I’ve used it most mornings and felt my skin needed some extra moisture on top of it?  I haven’t entirely disregarded it yet, I’m just not sure if it does cheer up ‘dull, tired and grumpy skin’?


Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste – see here

You are probably wondering – why is Irene talking about toothpaste of all things? Well……this is not any ordinary toothpaste – this is THE only toothpaste to be putting on your toothbrushes right now and creating quite a buzz! It’s all about black toothpaste…..yes you heard right…..its BLACK! Blacker than black!! There is something quite exhilarating about putting black paste all over your teeth…….knowing that there is an extremely effective and revolutionary ingredient in it which has great whitening results – and that ingredient is none other than charcoal!


Activated charcoal is known to remove tannins found in coffee, tea, wine, berries and spices – all of which stain your teeth.  The charcoal ingredient does not harm the enamel and is safe to use on a daily basis.  I use this everyday and in combination with Crest 3D Whitening Strips (every six months) for maximum whitening effect. I’ve had no sensitivity issues at all with the Beverly Hills Formula Black  toothpaste in comparison to some other whitening tootpastes.  It also has a mild minty taste but leaves my mouth and teeth feeling fresh and clean.  I have to say…’s true what they say ‘black is the new white when it comes to toothpastes’!


Vichy Idéalia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream – see here

Another product which has been creating quite the buzz is the Vichy Idéalia Smoothing & Illuminating cream.  I feel Vichy is one of those legendary beauty companies and names which have been around so long and have such an amazing reputation within the beauty world.  Their products definitely live up to their reputation – creating skincare for women of all ages.  I was excited to try the Idéalia cream and again I think it was a case of expecting more than I should.  The texture is fab, light and creamy and just sinks into the skin.  I found it a perfect moisturiser for under my foundation as it gave my skin a nice soft radiance after application.  But other than that, there is nothing really that special about it.  I would class it as a nice day-time moisturiser with a light texture.


In addition to the Idéalia range, one of their products I am keen to try is the Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep.  This claims to stimulate all the deep sleep mechanisms, in other words, even with very little or practically no sleep, all your skins nightly functions will remain at their optimum – perfect with those of you like me who sometimes suffer from ‘very-little-sleep-sysdrome’ thanks to being a mum!!  I will be purchasing this next (below) and comparing it to the Idéalia Smoothing & Illuminating cream.


Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep

Botanics Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream – buy here       Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack Hydragel – buy here

I’ve always been an advocate of eye-creams and gels.  Like finding the perfect foundation and mascara, I’m forever on the search for the most amazing eye cream that will work wonders and instantly transform the skin around my eyes back to when I was 16……aren’t we all?  These two (above) are in my current skincare routine – morning and night.  The Botanics cream I use at night before bed and find it quite hydrating as it contains the plant extract Ginkgo which is full of anti-oxitdants and protects the fine skin around the eyes.  I like to use a different eye-cream for day time so I’ve been trying out the Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack – which again I’m quite pleased with as it definitely seems to help with puffy-eye syndrome which I can sometimes suffer from when I wake up in the mornings – especially when you’ve been up all night with kids!  I love the consistency of the gel in this and just dab it all around the eye area.  I really like combining both these products into my routine as I feel they balance each other out in terms of effects and what I need them for.  Hydration and ‘working-behind-the-skin-scenes’ at night and ‘de-puffiness, glow and freshness’ in the morning! Result!

All in all, most of the products on this post, I would re-purchase – one or two, I probably won’t bother and would prefer to try something else.  Of course, what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa – this is just a little run-through of what I’m actually using at the moment.  Hope it helps in some way and if there are any products which you love at the moment and can recommend, let me know in the comments and I’ll give them a go also.  In addition and on a final note, all of these products are quite affordable and accessible – most are available in pharmacies, Boots, large cosmetic and beauty stores and online.

Lastly…..and most importantly……don’t forget…….


Happy Shopping

Irene xoxo

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